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Ad Hoc Networks: Peer to Peer for wireless networking

The seminar focuses on the applications and missions of multihop wireless networks and discusses a few selected fundamental theoretical results on the capacity. It provides a comprehensive discussion of the different protocol layers, from PHY to transport. For each layer, the best established research results are compared against the different real world implementations and the important engineering challenges are analysed.
The layer-oriented discussion is completed by topics like directive antennas in MANETs as well as broadcast protocols. Finally, the most successful application scenarios are discussed in detail, with emphasis on military, vehicular and directional networks.
The material will provide both a thorough overview of the general aspects, issues and solutions for MANETs as well as in-depth discussion of the practical implementations.

19.10.21 - 20.10.21
1180,00 €
Wissenschaftlicher Leiter
Dr.-Ing. Francesco Rossetto

Carl-Cranz-Gesellschaft e.V.

Argelsrieder Feld 11 (Gebäude TE01)
82234 Weßling / Oberpfaffenhofen
T: 08153 / 88 11 98-0
F: 08153 / 88 11 98-19
E: ccg [at]

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