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Informationen zum Seminar VS 2.04 Effectiveness of Body Armor (Blast)

Seminarnummer VS 2.04
Seminartitel Effectiveness of Body Armor (Blast)
Information The protective properties of body armor systems are explained with respect to the different threats body armor must withstand. The threats, classified in kinetic energy threats (projectiles, fragments), stabbing and blast loads, are explained. The effect of the different threats on the body armor material and the resulting requirements on the body armor are highlighted. This is done with respect to the different requirements of those, public or private, being dependent on reliable and secure body armor
Wissenschaftlicher Leiter Dr.-Ing. Andreas Klavzar
Marina Seidl
Veranstaltungsort Saint Louis
Zeitraum Di. 13.11.2018 - Mi. 14.11.2018
Gebühr 1308,00 EUR

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Voraussetzungen Research institutes, industry, national security authorities, security companies as well as armed forces

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