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Carl-Cranz-Gesellschaft e.V.

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Leading personalities from research, industry and institutions of higher education founded Carl-Cranz-Gesellschaft on 9 December 1960. They named the company after the inventor of modern ballistics - Carl Cranz - Professor of Technical Physics at the College of Advanced Technology in Berlin. The original objective was to organise training and further training in defence technology for graduates of institutions of higher education and specialists from industry and the armed forces. 1963 saw the beginning of courses, conducted initially in Weil am Rhein and in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich. The courses enjoyed such a good reputation that in 1975 the working group "Advanced Training in Armaments", formed by decree of the undersecretary of state, called on the armaments industry to avail itself of CCG in the future in a more targeted manner. CCG has meanwhile extended its spectrum far beyond the scope of defence technology. It is today one of the leading technical and scientific institutions of further training which conducts courses in many locations both at home and abroad. The excellent reputation of Carl-Cranz-Gesellschaft has contributed to the fact that every fourth course participant comes from abroad, in particular from the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. CCG cooperates closely with research institutes, especially with large-scale research centres, with institutions of higher education, industry, public authorities and the German Federal Armed Forces. Lecturers are leading scientists and practicians from home and abroad. Targeted further training, communicating findings, skills and experience from research, teaching and industry (technology transfer), promoting the use of findings and products in both the civil economy and defence technology (dual use) are the objective and focus of CCG's work.